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Ever have thought of the way to tell other warez-minded guys your servers? I bet you have.. The tracker of HL rulez.. And I really mean it. However, if you really needed to tell guys a name of specific binaries that your looking for to trade, the tracker is not very fancy way..'Cause when users (often losers) login, they first see your root directory. Unless you put a lotta things, they will leave away with a nice tone.. Ding. Over..
So, broadcast your IP here with some comments on what you really want to do, say and stuff. Simple.. If you are client side, please check out the servers shown here.. The another dimentions may be waiting for ya.. Hehe.

NOTE: If you just want to share the general (yet precious) info (for Japanese: サーバたち上げ以外は), please use [IKI-2].
And also, check out BLACKOUT presented by TTS, my cool buddy. Thanx!

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