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[00:09] <Buffers> whats going on guys
[00:11] <dolunga> Hi Buffers!
[00:11] <Buffers> hello
[00:12] <dolunga> This place is channel what of the Japanese.
[00:12] <Buffers> i see
[00:14] <dolunga> where country from Buffers?
[00:15] <Buffers> i am from the usa
[00:16] <dolunga> kool!
[00:17] <dolunga> where state from?
[00:17] <Buffers> indiana
[00:17] <dolunga> Is it hot?
[00:18] <Buffers> yes it is
[00:18] <dolunga> I know Indy 500miles race ivents.
[00:18] <Buffers> cool
[00:19] <dolunga> I like Boby Rahal
[00:20] <dolunga> and mark blundell
[00:20] <Buffers> i like nascar
[00:21] <dolunga> kool....
[00:21] <dolunga> Does the race often go to the seeing?
[00:22] <dolunga> I like Roby Gordon
[00:23] <dolunga> There is an NASCAR event in the motegi course in Japan.
[00:23] <Buffers> well im off to work now see yall later
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[01:11] <dolunga> Hi Ryan!
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[02:18] <proxylike> 戻ってきたら・・ヽ(;´ー`)ノ
[02:25] <proxylike> 寝るかなぁ・・・
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[03:44] <Himself> さすがに寝てるか...
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[05:24] <p0kopen> はよ〜〜〜〜ん
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[08:44] <proxylike> はよ〜&落ち〜

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